In August 2008 CCDC launched the ​Crystal Form Consortium, a collaborative venture bringing together development chemists from leading companies in the industrial sector with software, database and research experts at the CCDC. The Consortium currently has 14 member organisations spanning major pharmaceutical and agrochemical businesses around the world.

Working to leverage the vast wealth of structural knowledge in the CSD and the expertise of solid state scientists, the Consortium’s primary goal is to provide structural informatics tools and approaches for the rational design of the solid form.

We are developing software which can:

  • Guide decision making in solid form selection 
  • Aid the engineering of new solid forms
  • Rationalise the influence of bulk and surface structure upon materials properties 

The emphasis for software development is to make tools which are easy and intuitive to use, and to design them such that they provide answers rather than simply aiding investigations. Already, we have successfully delivered a tool to help assess and predict hydrogen bond formation in single and multi-component systems. These early results have been received well by the member organisations and indicate a bright future for Consortium.

Software tools developed with the Crystal Form Consortium are available as part of CSD-Materials.

For further information please contact us by e-mail (