Friday 08 July 2022 – Sunday 10 July 2022

Data is the backbone of geochemical research and its acquisition and use are central to our work. Over the last century, an ever-increasing volume of geochemical data has been acquired and used to explore a variety of past, present and future processes in the Earth, environmental and planetary sciences. 


The growing rate of data generation is complemented by new capabilities in accessing, processing and modelling of large datasets. These recent developments affirm a growing need for globally standardised geochemical data. 


Goals of this workshop: 

  1. Explore scientific challenges in geochemistry; 
  2. Showcase existing solutions/infrastructures/services; 
  3. Discuss recommendations, best practices and essential features of a globally standardised geochemical data framework; 
  4. Produce a white paper recommending essential features of a global geochemical data framework required to accomplish the scientific challenges of the 21st century. 


Defining Standards in Crystallography and Chemistry

Speaker: Ian Bruno, Director of Data Initiatives at CCDC

Date/time: TBC