Tuesday 02 November 2021 – Tuesday 02 November 2021


Tuesday, 2nd November from 10am to 11.45am (GMT)


In this CCDC Virtual Workshop, we will guide you through the process to deposit your crystallographic data in the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD).

We will cover:

  • Which data and which data files you can submit to the CSD.

  • How you can enhance your deposited data.

  • What happens to your data after deposition and how you can manage them.

  • What the benefits of sharing your structural data with the community are.


This session will last 90 minutes, inclusive of time to try the hands-on part. At the end, our expert tutors will be available an extra 15 minutes, should you need to complete the exercises or wish to try more or ask more questions.



  • Anyone can join!

  • No software installation nor license required.