Tuesday 07 September 2021 – Wednesday 08 September 2021


Theme: Accelerating material science discovery with big data: 

The future of agricultural, pharmaceutical and energy storage materials and materials informatics.


This free online meeting is open to scientists who use or want to use data inspired insights to develop materials across all fields. With presentations from scientists in industry and academia, presenting their latest work using data and informatics to inspire better materials development.


Who should attend? Materials scientists, materials researchers, solid form scientists, researchers in MOFs, Catalysts, functional materials, product development scientists and anybody interested in advancing materials science research.


The Material Science meeting will be held over two days:

  • Tuesday 7th September 2021, from 3pm to 5pm (BST).
  • Wednesday 8th September 2021, from 3pm to 5pm (BST).


This is a virtual meeting - log in from anywhere and join the conversation.


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Tuesday 7th September

Title TBC

  • Dr Marta Dudek, Polish Academy of Sciences

Digitally Enabled Workflows:  Accelerating the Molecule to Materials to Product Journey

  • Dr Bob Docherty, formally Strategic Lead for Digital Design at Pfizer


Wednesday 8th September

Title TBC

  • Professor Lev Sarkisov, The University of Manchester

Title TBC

  • Marc Short, The University of Leeds

Organic Electronics from Structural Database: New Materials and Design Strategies

  • Dr Tahereh Nematiaram, The University of Liverpool


If you are interested in presenting your work using the CSD and CCDC tools in this area, email a brief ~150 word abstract to hello@ccdc.cam.ac.uk