CCDC webinars are open to everyone. They're a great opportunity to hear the latest developments and address your questions to our team of experts.

We cover a range of topics, including demonstrations of CSD software features, tips and tricks, scientific presentations from users, and ideas and trends in structural chemistry.ccdc webinars

Remember, every time you attend a webinar you will:

  • Keep up to date on the latest product developments;
  • Participate in discussion with your peers globally;
  • Input your ideas on future product direction;
  • Get hints and tips on using CCDC solutions.


If you can't attend these live webinars, you can always watch them on-demand.


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Featured Webinars:


Matwall Webinar: Materials Knowledge Transfer for successful solid form development
CSD_Materials Matwall

Pharmaceutical industry experts Rob Willacy (CCDC) and Simon Black (Sycryst) discuss the five levels of the Matwall framework to support effective knowledge transfer throughout the drug development process.

PDB CSD Joint Webinar: Advancing the case for collaboration and integration in structural science
CCDC PDB webinar

This webinar welcomes two leaders in structural data to reflect on how biology and chemistry disciplines might collaborate and integrate for better research outcomes for all

CSD and ICSD webinar - CCDC and FIZ Karlsruhe joint services
CCDC partnerships

Learn about joint access and deposition services and explore some of our users requirements for an advanced interface for searching all organic, metal-organic and inorganic structures.

JAICI and CCDC present: Digital First - optimising material properties with CSD-Materials
CCDC partnerships

In this joint webinar JAICI and CCDC present on the principles of optimising solid form material properties with informatics approaches, and show examples of the tools in CSD-Materials.


Past CCDC webinars - watch on demand


Structural analysis of metastable pharmaceutical loratadine form II, by 3D electron diffraction and DFT+D energy minimisation

How do you assess samples with limited data? Watch the webinar where scientists from Novartis and NanoMEGAS reflect about their paper: analysis of metastable pharmaceutical loratadine form II

Keywords: 3D electron diffraction, WebCSD, pharma,

Data mining the Cambridge Structural Database for hydrate–anhydrate pairs with SMILES strings

Learn about data mining and the CSD for hydrate-anydrate pairs with SMILES strings

Keywords: CSD, data mining, SMILES stringss.

Can solvated intermediates inform us about nucleation pathways? The case of β-pABA

Professor Roger Davey discusses his recent publication 'Can solvated intermediates inform us about nucleation pathways? The case of β-pABA'

Keywords: Docking with GOLD, WebCSD, drug discovery, access structures.

Enabling efficient exploration of metal–organic frameworks in the Cambridge Structural Database

Watch David Fairen-Jimenez reviewing the exploration of MOF structures in CSD.

Keywords: Nucleation, MOFs in CSD, metal organic frameworks.

What's Up Webinar: Docking with GOLD in the API and Effective searching with WebCSD and Access Structures

22nd July 2021

Keywords: Docking with GOLD, WebCSD, drug discovery, access structures.

What's Up Webinar: Ligand Overlay and Agile Development at CCDC

20th May 2021

Keywords: Ligand based drug design, virtual screening, drug discovery, drug design.

What's Up Webinar: Designing Co-Crystals in CSD-Materials and the CSD MOF collection

18th March 2021

Keywords: MOFs, metal-organic frameworks, CSD, CSD-Materials, co-crystal, solid form, drug development, material development.

What's Up Webinar: How to report in Mercury and how to use the Python API with Mercury

19th November 202

Keywords: Mercury, CSD-Materials, CSD Python API, drug development.

What's Up Webinar: The CSD KNIME Component Collection and the new CSD Subsets (Drugs, Pesticides & COVID-19)

24th September 2020

Keywords: CSD KNIME, CSD Subsets, drug discovery, COVID-19.

What's Up Webinar: The CSD data releases and the CSD Pipeline Pilot component collection)

23rd July 2020

Keywords: CSD Discovery, CSD, data release.

What's Up Webinar: The Aromatic Analyser in Mercury

28th May 2020

Keywords: CSD Materials, Mercury, Aromatic Analyser.

What's Up Webinar: The CSD-CrossMiner applications

19th March 2020

Keywords: CSD Discovery, CSD-CrossMiner, drug discovery.

What's Up Webinar: Ultra-large docking: scaling GOLD and H-bond quick view

23rd January 2020

Keywords: CSD Discovery, ultra large docking, scaling GOLD, H-bond quick view.

What's Up Webinar: CSD Licensing developments

19th November 2019

Keywords: WebCSD, CSD releases, CSD Python API.

What's Up Webinar: the Pipeline pilot CSD component collection and custom feature creation in CSD-CrossMiner

26th September 2019

Keywords: CSD component collection, CSD Discovery, CSD-CrossMiner.