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General CSD Statistics

Weekly Statistics

Our weekly statistics let you find out more about the data in the CSD. They include things like the number of polymorphic families and melting points in the CSD and which journals and authors are publishing the most data.

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The Chemistry of the CSD

Elements in the CSD

Ever wondered what elements are in the CSD? Take a look at our blog detailing the distribution and occurrence of elements in the CSD and find out about our IYPT in Crystals project.

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CSD in numbers

Download our poster of the month! Our poster this month takes a look at some of the key facts and figures derived from the data within the CSD including number of entries, structures statistics, geography of deposition and authors and much more.

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Annual CSD Statistics

The CSD is Growing!

Every year we generate a range of annual statistics based on the CSD. These show how the database is evolving, who our top authors are and provide some insights into the direction small molecule structural chemistry is headed.

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Publish data through the CSD

CSD Communications

The number of structures published directly through the CSD is growing! You can now see the growth and browse these structures using our CSD Communications archive.

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