Hello all,


I would just like clarification on why I might be having the following issue.

I search for an entry by the CCDC number (extracted from online) using the following code:


from ccdc.io import EntryReader, CrystalWriter
from ccdc.search import TextNumericSearch

number = 1827879

query = TextNumericSearch()
hits = query.search(database='CSD')
for hit in hits:
    print('%s %s' % (hit.identifier, hit.entry.ccdc_number))



For that CCDC number, there is an entry online, but my Python API does not produce an entry, however other entries from the same DOI are present.

Is there a reason for this behaviour?


Also, 'print(hit.entry.doi)' does not print a DOI for any of these entries?


Thank you,


Dear Andrew,

the entry for csd number 1827879 will be appearing in the February update to the CSD which should be available to you very soon. 

Best wishes


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