Dear CCDC:  For reasons that are unclear, I am unable to log in to Conquest, which I use to search Xray structures.  I am using a Mac OSX.  I get the following response:


Last login: Tue Apr 25 10:12:49 on ttys000

MyName-off:~ TBR$ /Applications/CCDC/CSD_2017/ ; exit;


Saving session...

...copying shared history...

...saving history...truncating history files...



[Process completed]

Has anyone found a solution to this issue!?!?




For issues such as this with ConQuest, the following steps will usually allow the program to open up successfully again:

1. Open a terminal window

2. In the terminal window, type the following three commands:


rm .csds_defaults

rm -rf csds_data

As this forum is for CSD Python API discussion, rather than ConQuest, I will now close this thread, but if you do continue to experience problems please do contact us at


Thread Closed For Posts.

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