When trying to install, update, or remove anything using either command line or anaconda an error (see attached file). This occurs despite not trying to modify the csd files in the slightest. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

I have come across it in the past and I realised that I had installed a package using a python3 build. My solution to that was to uninstall the package from the environment however I get the error: "ResolvePackageNotFound:- csd-python-api-1.3.0-mac-64" so now I'm unsure how to proceed.




 Hi Alex,

That looks like a problem with miniconda that has been reported.  The solution is to modify a file in the miniconda distribution and try again.

Inside your CSD Python API 2018 installation there will be a file named miniconda/pkgs/urls.txt that must be edited to contain the line:


Does this resolve the issue?


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