Could you please help me with errors like the following, I receive while clicking on 3D Visualiser from View Results window?

Thank you in advance,


Error: 8
<class 'OpenGL.error.GLError'> Exception in Tk callback
  Function: <bound method CrystalRenderer.tkMap of <hitbrowser.Browser.Renderer.CrystalRenderer instance at 0x06A751E8>> (type: <type 'instancemethod'>)
  Args: (<Tkinter.Event instance at 0x069B5968>,)
  Event type: MapNotify (type num: 19)
Traceback (innermost last):
  File "D:\teamcity\builds\nov2018\static\build\pyinstaller\release\temp\work\csds\out00-PYZ.pyz\Pmw", line 1790, in __call__
  File "D:\teamcity\builds\nov2018\static\build\pyinstaller\release\temp\work\csds\out00-PYZ.pyz\hitbrowser.Browser.Renderer", line 4191, in tkMap
  File "D:\teamcity\builds\nov2018\static\build\pyinstaller\release\temp\work\csds\out00-PYZ.pyz\hitbrowser.Browser.Renderer", line 4209, in tkExpose
  File "D:\teamcity\builds\nov2018\static\build\pyinstaller\release\temp\work\csds\out00-PYZ.pyz\hitbrowser.Browser.Renderer", line 2421, in _initialise
  File "D:\teamcity\builds\nov2018\static\build\pyinstaller\release\temp\work\csds\out00-PYZ.pyz\OpenGL.error", line 208, in glCheckError
<class 'OpenGL.error.GLError'>: GLError(
    err = 1282,
    description = 'operazione non valida',
    baseOperation = glNewList,
    cArguments = (8L, GL_COMPILE)

  Event contents:
    char: ??
    delta: 0
    height: ??
    keycode: ??
    keysym: ??
    keysym_num: ??
    num: ??
    send_event: False
    serial: 18588
    state: ??
    time: ??
    type: 19
    widget: .ccdc_conquest.main.73435376.71430232.71431352.71432272.71432512.71468256.71468536.71476888.71477128.109652328.109653408.109654384.109654624.111606320.111606520.111623944.111628736.111628776
    width: ??
    x: ??
    x_root: ??
    y: ??
    y_root: ??


Sorry, the thread should be "Error 3D Visualiser in Conquest"

Hi Laura,


This forum is for queries regarding the CSD Python API. For help with ConQuest can you please re-send your message to our support team at who should be able to help you further.





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