We are exploring the options of using Google cloud services and would like to find out if it is possible to setup our server running the CSD API on the cloud (to run on a need to basis with variable amount of resources as needed) - is that allowed by the current licensing? Any relevant information will be helpful.



Dear Hector,

Thank you for contacting us about the licencing for using the CSD Python API on the cloud.  

The main issue with use of our software on the cloud is that with instances being spun up and then destroyed, the licensing details will likely change each time a new instance is used.

We'd therefore recommend using the command line utility batch_register each time a new instance is spun up to ensure that the software is registered for that instance. (see https://www.ccdc.cam.ac.uk/support-and-resources/support/case/?caseid=c9c53a6b-e7e6-e611-8591-005056868fc8 for general instructions on its use)

Otherwise, as long as you have an unlimited licence you should be good to go.





Perfect. Thanks,


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