• Entry not found in Python API, but found online when searching by CCDC

    Hello all,


    I would just like clarification on why I might be having the following issue.

    I search for an entry by the CCDC number (extracted from online) using the following code:


    from ccdc.io import EntryReader, CrystalWriter
    from ccdc.search import TextNumericSearch

    number = 1827879

    query = TextNumericSearch()
    hits = query.search(database='CSD')
    for hit in hits:
        print('%s %s' % (hit.identifier, hit.entry.ccdc_number))



    For that CCDC number, there is an entry online, but my Python API does not produce an entry, however other entries from the same DOI are present.

    Is there a reason for this behaviour?


    Also, 'print(hit.entry.doi)' does not print a DOI for any of these entries?


    Thank you,