Dr Peter A. Wood graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters in Chemical Physics in 2004. He then stayed in Edinburgh to complete a PhD under the supervision of Professor Simon Parsons and Dr Elna Pidcock (CCDC), studying the effect of high pressure on the topological properties of molecular crystal structures. His thesis work demonstrated the value of using Hirshfeld surfaces and energy calculations alongside CSD analyses to interpret high-pressure crystal structures.
Pete joined Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre in 2007 to work at the interface between research, software development and user services. He has been responsible for guiding the development of a number of CCDC’s software products over the years, in particular Mercury, WebCSD and CellCheckCSD. Pete has co-authored over 40 CCDC research publications and his work saw him awarded the 2011 BCA/CCG Chemical Crystallography Prize for Younger Scientists. He is now a Senior Research and Applications Scientist as well as Product Manager for the CSD System.

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Pete is an active member of CCDC’s research team, particularly focussing on the area of Crystal Engineering. His research covers a range of topics including polymorphism, co-crystal design, metal-organic frameworks and the fundamentals of intermolecular interactions. The interplay between experimental, knowledge-based and computational methods to understand interactions in the organic solid state underpins all of this research.