• FIZ and the CCDC

    Every now and then the tectonic plates shift a little and realign. That which had been stable for years is briefly shaken and a new shape clicks into place.  For me today, here at the heart of structural chemistry, it feels a bit like one of those days. In a very good way, I should add!

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  • CCDC in the USA - The Easy Move

    ​“Of course!”

    Change can be unsettling for some, exciting for others. Sometimes it can leave you scratching your head, bewildered. But sometimes you just have to smile and say “of course” – and that has been the overwhelming reaction to today’s news from the CCDC.

    We are proud to announce today that we have established operations on the ground in North America – at the Center for Integrative Proteomics Research, at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. We will be alongside the RCSB Protein Data Bank and on a campus leading the way in new integrated approaches to biomedical research.

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  • Prestigious UNESCO Award for CCDC Governor

    ​We were all very proud, here in Cambridge, to hear the news that CCDC Governor, Professor Reiko Kuroda of the Tokyo University of Science, is to be honoured as one of the five 2013 L’Oreal-UNESCO Women in Science Laureates.

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  • Stormy Weather

    ​First off, I need to introduce myself.  I am the newest member of the CCDC team and its Business Director. You can see the formal stuff in my biography here, and on LinkedIn. Here’s a bit of colour: I’m a Brit who studied in Oxford and (what was then West) Berlin, I’m married to an American and we split our time between the UK and New Jersey. I’ve been involved in all aspects of computational chemistry for the best part of thirty years – and I enjoy it. So CCDC is very much a natural home for me.

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