• New for 2020.1 release - aromatics analyser in Mercury

    We live in exciting times for Artificial Intelligence (AI) - with the rise of new and easy to implement Machine Learning (ML) algorithms.  Many of us would sooner trust a GPS to take us from point A to point B than consult a map ourselves, and robots are already being used to perform medical procedures. But what do all of these advanced techniques and algorithms mean for us as scientists and how can we use them to advance science?  Presumably, many would ask if AI approaches can help, or even replace scientific experiments?

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  • H-bond Coordination Quick-View

    Quick and easy hydrogen-bond likelihood analysis

    We are excited to announce that we will be launching H-bond Coordination Quick-View in Mercury as part of our upcoming 2020.0 release in December!  This latest development will enable quick and easy hydrogen-bond likelihood analysis using coordination numbers for the observed structure. 

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