• CCDC at Cambridge Science Festival

    ​Last weekend CCDC organised some guided walks round our Chemicals from Plants Trail at Cambridge University Botanic Garden, as part of Cambridge Science Festival.  The 2013 Festival consisted of over 200 events overseen by Guest Director Benedict Cumberbatch. 

    The walks booked up quickly and we were all hoping for a nice stroll in the Spring sunshine. However the weather was not quite as planned, with Arctic winds, horizontal snow and sub-zero temperatures- over 20 degrees colder than the same day last year!
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  • I am not a number - a potted history of the CSD refcode

    ​Last time we told you a bit about the history of CCDC numbers and looked to their future, (“Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”) but what about that other well known CCDC identifier, the refcode?

    Firstly, what IS a refcode?  Put simply, it’s a 6 letter code which corresponds to an entry in the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD).  Refcodes have been used since the beginning of CSD, so pre-date CCDC numbers.  But there are also considerable benefits in using refcodes alongside CCDC numbers as identifiers.

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