• RE: CSD 2020 Python API Issues

    I spent a few hours figuring it out, thank you for your helpful resources! 

  • CSD 2020 Python API Issues

    Hello! I am new to python and I apologize in advance for this clarification. I followed the documentation for installation but I am afraid I did something wrong.

    When I open the API terminal, it says that my conda environment is not activated. I know there is the documentation for what to run to activate it but I must be doing something wrong because It doesn't work. I should run "conda activate base" correct? 


    If I have a Miniconda3 folder in C:/  with a "Python_API_2020" folder as well as a miniconda folder in C:/Program Files/CCDC/Python_API_2020, am I correct that the miniconda folder in the CCDC folder is the one I need to activate? 

    Additionally, I think using PyCharm as an IDE would be helpful since I am new. This is possible with the API correct? 


    Thank you for your help!