• RE: Conda installation issue 1.5.1

    I have resolved this issue, it was an issue with env variables.






  • Conda installation issue 1.5.1

    I have performed a fresh installation of conda in preparation for the new 2018 version of the api however i have been having some trouble with installing the conda packages.

    Where previously there were tar files within the miniconda/pkgs directory there are now just directories, as such i am unable to run the 'conda install' command. 

    Attempting the command on the directory (since there is no tar file) just leads to the below output:

    conda install csd-python-api-1.5.1-mac-64-py2.7-conda

    Solving environment: failed


    PackagesNotFoundError: The following packages are not available from current channels:


      - csd-python-api-1.5.1-mac-64-py2.7-conda


    Current channels:


      - https://repo.continuum.io/pkgs/main/osx-64

      - https://repo.continuum.io/pkgs/main/noarch

      - https://repo.continuum.io/pkgs/free/osx-64

      - https://repo.continuum.io/pkgs/free/noarch

      - https://repo.continuum.io/pkgs/r/osx-64

      - https://repo.continuum.io/pkgs/r/noarch

      - https://repo.continuum.io/pkgs/pro/osx-64

      - https://repo.continuum.io/pkgs/pro/noarch


    Is the lack of tar files an issue with the latest OSx release or am I missing something that has been changed in the process?