Martin Stahl

Martin Stahl received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry from the University of Marburg, Germany, under the supervision of Prof. G. Frenking. He joined Roche in 1997 as a computational chemist working on structure-based design projects at the Basel and Palo Alto sites. In 2001, he was appointed Head of Molecular Design at Roche Basel. From 2005-2013, he led a medicinal chemistry team of 40-60 scientists and oversaw lead generation efforts across multiple disease areas. Since 2013, Martin has been Head of Molecular Design and Chemical Biology, a department comprising molecular design, biophysics and biostructure research as well as chemistry labs devoted to the generation of molecular probes, which included target identification work and a fully automated setup for DNA-encoded chemical libraries. Martin has also been responsible for the coordination of research informatics and cheminformatics work across Roche pRED for more than a decade. He is now Head of Small Molecule Program Management at Roche pRED.

Martin has a keen interest in rational approaches to small molecule drug discovery, in cheminformatics and in structure-based design. He has been an active proponent of deepening and sharing empirical knowledge about conformations and molecular interactions. He has co-developed numerous novel methods in computational chemistry which have become widely used marketed products. Martin has coauthored over 70 scientific articles and is currently an Advisory Board Member of Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, and an editorial board member of ChemMedChem. He has been a chair of the CADD Gordon conference and is the recipient of the 2014 ACS National Award for Computers in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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