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Ultra large GOLD docking Whitepaper

This whitepaper details how GOLD, a comprehensively validated and widely used docking software, was used to perform a virtual screen on cloud resources.

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Recent webinars include custom feature creation in CSD-CrossMiner, 10 (or so) things you didn't know about Mercury, ultra-large docking; scaling GOLD, and more!

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CSD 2022.2

Available Now. The world's repository for small-molecule crystal structures. Download CSD 2022.2. Find out more about the latest data updates here.

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Webinar: Highlighting unusual solid form features with cheminformatics

Using cheminformatics to understand pharmaceutical structure and properties Tavaborole is an antifungal drug marketed as Kerydin®. Novel biologica...

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CSD in Action: Understanding Important Particle Properties and Their Effects on Pharmaceutical Formulation and Manufacturing

In the latest in our 'Tools in Action' series — highlighting research that draws on the wealth of knowledge in the Cambridge Structural Database...

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New Engagement Grants to Inspire the Next Generation of Scientists

New initiative to create resources and increase engagement in crystallography and structural science. New grants to create crystallography and s...

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"If you're one of the many chemists who feel that successful crystallization is part science, part talent, part experience, and part witchcraft, I don't know if this paper is going to change your mind or just intensify those feelings." #chemtwitter #crystallography

28/09/2022 10:13

Read how an ADDoPT project team from @pfizer, @GSK, @theUL, @Britest_Ltdand and the CCDC studied intermolecular interaction energies to propose a workflow to avoid formulation issues in small molecule pharmaceutical manufacturing. 🔗 #drugmanufacture

27/09/2022 2:10

Researchers from @UTokyo use computer simulations to find that structural preordering in supercooled liquids is important in the mediation of both crystal nucleation and growth rates, contradicting classical theory. 🔗 @NatureComms #Crystallisation

27/09/2022 11:10