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Ultra large GOLD docking Whitepaper

This whitepaper details how GOLD, a comprehensively validated and widely used docking software, was used to perform a virtual screen on cloud resources.

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Recent webinars include custom feature creation in CSD-CrossMiner, 10 (or so) things you didn't know about Mercury, ultra-large docking; scaling GOLD, and more!

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CSD 2019 Download Available

CSD 2022.1

Available Now. The world's repository for small-molecule crystal structures. Download CSD 2022.1. Find out more about the latest data updates here.

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Goldschmidt 2022

Data is the backbone of geochemical research and its acquisition and use are central to our work. Over the last century, an ever-increasing volume of...

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CSD Educators: Helen Maynard-Casely from Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

In this new CSD Educators blog, it is my pleasure to introduce Helen Maynard-Casely from Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (...

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CSD-Materials suite provides a cohesive analysis of solid form properties for early-phase drug discovery

Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre (CCDC), Cambridge, UK —15 March 2022 — The existence of various molecular arrangements that occur i...

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By recent estimates, 85% of the human proteome is considered undruggable. But what if we're just not using the right approach? We examine what makes a protein "undruggable" and what strategies can be used against such targets. 🔗 #drugdesign #compchem

4/07/2022 11:06

New blog from @Helen_e_m of @ANSTO on the #Erice2022 International School of Crystallography, including a workshop on high-pressure subsets within the #CSD. 🔗 #Crystallography #Cheminformatics

1/07/2022 1:07

A new class of molecular cages called cagearenes have been synthesised via the Friedel–Crafts reaction. #FeaturedStructureFriday CSD Entry: LEHGAK demonstrated ability to separate benzene and cyclohexane due to their different binding modes to the cage.

1/07/2022 11:07