CCDC provide a range of solutions and services to meet the requirements of scientists, from free-to-use data and tools to licensed packages for in-depth analysis and advanced visualisation.

If you’re looking for something outside of our licensed packages, we also provide a range of professional services to help you make the best use of our software and data.

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CCDC offer a range of free-of-charge tools and services available to everyone, from data collection, validation and visualisation to teaching, research and analysis.


For structural chemists, the components in CSD-Core provide essential search, visualisation and analysis features to deliver knowledge from the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD). The functionality includes powerful 2D/3D search, extensive geometry analysis tools, intermolecular interaction analysis, high impact graphics and connectivity via the CSD Python API.


For pharmaceutical and agrochemical researchers, CSD-Discovery provides in one place all the tools you need for discovering new molecules.


For solid-state scientists, the components in CSD-Materials provide solid form informatics capabilities,  allowing you to understand and design materials. The functionality includes sophisticated analysis & prediction of molecular geometry, intermolecular interactions and crystal packing.


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