If you are interested in receiving sponsorship or support for an event or an award, please note the following.

Events or awards will be considered if they:

  1. Focus on an area related to the mission of the CCDC
    1. Crystallography
    2. Structural chemistry / biology
    3. Pharmaceutical research / methodology
    4. Computational chemistry
    5. Database resources / data management
  1. Promote participation of students and young scientists in these fields
  1. Provide educational opportunities related to CCDC’s core mission
  1. Allow for participation of CCDC staff for educational purposes and/or include CSD as part of the educational experience


Requests will be reviewed on a regular basis must be received at least 6 months in advance of the event in line with the schedule below: 

Proposed Event Date

Due Date


June 1st – Sep 30th

January 31st

March 1st

Oct 1st – Jan 31st

May 31st

July 1st

Feb 1st – May 31st

September 30th

November 1st


Please fill out this form and return to awards-info@ccdc.cam.ac.uk . Note, you will need to open the form in Adobe Acrobat or other application outside your web browser.