Community Toolkit from Crystal Conversations

Hundreds of people have joined the CCDC and BACG at the Crystal Conversations virtual events this year - for tutorials, talks and tea breaks for solid form scientists of all disciplines. This month we built a community toolkit of resources that help you do great work.

In any task, having the right tools can make a world of difference. That's why in this month's Crystal Conversations meeting we asked our audience which websites, software, calculators and other resources they find invaluable in their work.


We collected a wide range of recommendations, from online mathematical tools, to software that nudges you to take micro-breaks, conferences, newsletters and YouTube channels.


Download an interactive copy of the mind map with clickable links here.


The December meeting will be the last in this series - you can register here.

After this, look out for news of future events in our monthly newsletter - we have some new plans for 2021 which we're excited to share with you soon.