The CCDC is continually developing tutorials and guides for hands-on workshops. From this page, you can access our self-guided workshops to use for your personal training on the CSD-Portfolio or in your own courses or labs.

The workshops are divided based on the license: CSD-Community (free tools, no license needed), CSD-Core, CSD-Materials (which includes CSD-Core tools), CSD-Discovery (which includes CSD-Core tools). CSD-Enterprise licenses give you access to both CSD-Materials and CSD-Discovery. To learn more on each suite and the components included visit the Solution webpage.

Tell us what you think!

As we aim to continuously improve our training materials, we would like to hear your feedback. You can do so by filling in the survey at this link. When asked, insert the workshop code that you find in the workshop description. It will only take 5 minutes and your feedback is anonymous. Thank you!

Freely accessible tools from the CCDC.

Essential crystallographic and structural chemistry capabilities.
Tools to help you to understand your material’s behaviours and refine its properties.
For pharmaceutical and agrochemical researchers, tools for discovering new molecules and performing protein docking studies.