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Crystalline June 2015

Fifty years of sharing crystal structures

Crystalline November 2014

Unique Insights Gained at Eli Lilly to Predict Solid Form Behaviour

Crystalline May 2014

Small and large molecule databases under the same roof

Crystalline May 2013

The Solid Form Suite: a rapidly evolving tool for mitigating polymorph risk

Crystalline November 2012

The Chinese Connection

Crystalline May 2012

New CCDC website launched

Crystalline November 2010

Research at the CCDC and targeting protein flexibility using ensemble docking

Crystalline May 2010

500,000th crystal structure milestone reached

Crystalline November 2011

Introducing the CSD Solid Form Suite for knowledge-based development and risk assessment

Crystalline May 2011

New software for statistical analysis of CSD data