The journey towards one million structures in the CSD continues

This year commemorates a milestone for structural chemistry as the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) approaches the addition of its millionth structure to its extensive database of fully curated organic and metal-organic structures. We are excited to be sharing this event with the whole community through various events and content throughout 2019.  Keep up to date with all the latest celebrations around the CSD one million, including upcoming events, webinars and content drawing insight from this vast high quality set of data.

Upcoming Events

ACS Symposium

In recognition of the rapidly approaching milestone of one million crystal structures shared through the CSD, we are involved in the organisation of a symposium at the Fall 2019 ACS meeting in San Diego that aims to highlight the insights that can be derived from a collection of data such as the CSD...

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frequently asked questions

What does one million experimentally determined curated structures within the CSD actually mean for industry and academia? Take a look at our commonly asked questions to find out more about the 'Big Data' behind the CSD and how it is being used to transform research

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Countdown to CSD 1 Million

CSD Statistics

As the CSD fast approaches one million structures, we pull out some key statistics from this valuable collection of curated data.

Find out the number of polymorph families, structures with melting points, top journals, top authors and much more!

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Publish data through the CSD

CSD Communications

CSD Communications allows scientists to contribute to the quantity of crystallographic data available to the public by enabling data to be published directly through the CSD which would otherwise have remained unpublished. As a result the CSD contains data unavailable anywhere else! 

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csd in numbers 

Download our poster of the month!  Our poster this month takes a look at some of the key facts and figures derived from the data within the CSD including number of entries, structures statistics, geography of deposition and authors and much more. 

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