We’ve reached a million!

We’ve finally made it! The addition of the one millionth structure to the Cambridge Structural Database, and what an incredible achievement for the whole community.  The CSD is used in almost every chemistry department in the world - pharmaceutical companies depend on it to drive drug discovery projects. Materials scientists design ever more complex 3D network structures. Information from the database underpins all molecular mechanics forcefields and interaction scoring functions allow putative drug molecules to be docked to their protein receptors. 

We are very proud to have reached this milestone.  Read on to find out about the millionth structure, some latest insights drawn from the data, how the community have contributed and more below…

reaching a million


CCDC announce a huge milestone for structural chemistry with the addition of the millionth structure into the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD).  Read the full press release...

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structure highlights and trends


Take a look at some structure highlights and chemistry trends from the one million structures in this latest article from Chemistry World.

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Daily CSD Total

CSD Statistics

With the CSD now containing over one million structures, we pull out some key statistics from this valuable collection of curated data.

Find out the number of polymorph families, structures with melting points, top journals, top authors and much more!

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a million thanks

thank you to the community

Crystallographers worldwide deposit their data with us and our team of Deposition Coordinators and Scientific Editors here in Cambridge curate and enhance their structures into the database. Find out more about the contributions of the community in reaching this milestone.

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want to know more?

frequently asked questions

What does one million experimentally determined curated structures within the CSD actually mean for industry and academia? Take a look at our commonly asked questions to find out more about the 'Big Data' behind the CSD and how it is being used to transform research

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