Here's a selection of our scientific posters presented in conferences in recent years.

The CSD in numbers

Yu Gan, Suzanna Ward, Matthew Lightfoot, Clare Tovee, Philip Andrews, 2019.

Elements in the CSD

P. Curran, C. J. E. Davies, S. C. Ward, A. A. Sarjeant, C. A. Murray, 2019.

Syncronized Searching

N. T. Johnson, S. B. Wiggin and S. C. Ward, 2019.

The CSD: a powerful resource in drug discovery

Juliette Pradon and Ilenia Giangreco, 2019.

Informatics approaches to particle properties

Andy Maloney, Mat Bryant, Ian Bruno.

Informatics approaches to solid form stability

Ghazala Sadiq, Andy Maloney, Ian Bruno.

Electron Diffraction Data in the CSD

N. T. Johnson, S. B. Wiggin and S. C. Ward, 2021

Flexible searching of small molecule protein structural
data with the CSD Python API toolkit

Juliette Pradon, Ilenia Giangreco

Hotspots API: A Toolkit for the Application of Fragment Hotspot Mapping to SBDD

Peter Curran, Chris Radoux, Mihaela Smilova, Richard Sykes, Anthony Bradley, Will Pitt, David Spring, Tom Blundell, Jason Cole, 2019