The 2020.1 onsite WebCSD release is configured to use the 541 version of the CSD, as was available at the time of its release. It is possible, however, to configure this version of WebCSD to use the later 542 version of the CSD. To do so, please use these steps.

  1. This step is only required if you have not yet installed onsite WebCSD. To install the 2020.1 version of onsite WebCSD, you will need to tell it where the CSD data is - it will expect the 541 (2020) version of the CSD. We can fool the installer into thinking it has found it in order to avoid needing a copy of that old database.
    mkdir /path/to
    touch /path/to/as541be_ASER.sqlite
    (/path/to needs to be a suitable location for you to create this temporary file, e.g. /home/user or similar)
    Once installation is complete, the temporary as541be_ASER.sqlite can be deleted. Do not attempt to start the WebCSD servers until the subsequent steps are completed.
  2. Ensure all WebCSD servers have been stopped if you are starting from an existing WebCSD install using the as541be_ASER.sqlite CSD database.
  3. Edit the file
    cd /path/to/webcsd/install/CCDC/WebCSD/Ccdc.AccessStructures.Service
    vi appsettings.OnSite.json
    And then change (use i to select insert mode in vi)
    "ConnectionString": "/path/to/"
    "Name": "CSD"
    "ConnectionString": "/real/path/to/"
    "Name": "CSD"
    (where /real/path/to is the actual path to the folder containing as542be_ASER.sqlite, as installed from the 2020.3 or later CSD Portfolio installer, e.g. /home/myinstalls/CCDC/CSD_2021/csd)
    Save the changes to the file and quit vi (wq! after using ESC to stop being in insert mode)
  4. You should now be able to start the webcsd servers normally and use the latest database you have configured.

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