You can deposit organic, metal-organic and inorganic experimental crystal structures as well as theoretical structures through the joint CCDC/FIZ Karlsruhe online deposition service:

All deposited datasets will be assigned a Deposition Number and you should receive your Deposition Number via email within 2 working days. Deposition Numbers can either be quoted as CCDC Numbers or CSD Numbers and a CCDC Number is usually quoted for an organic or metal-organic structure, whereas a CSD Number is usually quoted for an inorganic structure. These deposition numbers should be included in manuscript submissions to journals to allow users to access the deposited data set associated with a publication.

At the point of publication your deposited data will be made publicly available through our Access Structures service. In addition organic and metal-organic experimental structures will be curated into the Cambridge Structural Database and inorganic experimental structures will be curated into the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database

If for any reason you are unable to use our online deposition services then please let us know by emailing and we will work to address these issues for you.

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