Established in September 2013, CCDC Inc is a wholly owned service-subsidiary of the CCDC. Team members are based across the United States.

General Manager:

 Carmen Nitsche - General Manager, CCDC Inc

Carmen joined the CCDC in 2019 as General Manager of the U.S. based offices of the CCDC to help expand support and service to CCDC users and customers in the Americas. She is a chemist by training, and had extensive experience as a chemical information specialist before transitioning to the database and software supplier side. Her passion for improving information access and collaboration led her from implementing end-user tools at Nalco Chemical, to running the database group at Symx/Accelrys, to advocating for and expanding pre-competitive collaboration through the Pistoia Alliance, including still leading the Chemical Safey Library (CSL) Advisory Panel.

She earned a B.A. with honors in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis and an M.S. from the University of California at Berkeley. She is a Titular Member of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Committee on Publications and Cheminformatics Data Standards, and a member of the American Chemical Society, and its CINF and CHAS divisions She lives in Shrewsbury, N Jersey with her husband Steven Bachrach, and outside of work you may find her practicing yoga, wrangling the weeds in her garden, or cooking up a storm.


External Board Members:

Joseph Donahue: Managing Partner AcornAI, Medidata Solutions

Joe Donahue is a Managing Partner with Medidatas Acorn AI business.  Mr. Donahue has more than thirty years of executive level entrepreneurial and Board experience in global life sciences and technology companies, private equity and banking firms, and industry organizations.  Prior to joining Medidata, his roles included Managing Director, Global Life Sciences R&D with Accenture, Senior Vice President at BioReference Laboratories / GeneDx, Senior Vice President Life Sciences with Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science, Vice President of Global Life Sciences with Spotfire, as well as several early-stage companies serving the life sciences informatics and analytics market. 

In addition, he has also been an advisor or Board member to numerous companies and organizations involved in life sciences, including Torreya Insights, a transactions-enabling business development firm; GenoSpace, a spin-off from Dana Farber Cancer Institute that developed a precision medicine platform; Monocl Software, a life sciences BI analytics company; the Pistoia Alliance, Onex Corporation, Kingdom Capital, and the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Roundtable of Genomics and Precision Health.  He has degrees in Chemistry and Computer Science from Villanova University in Villanova, PA.


 Rajarshi Guha: Director of Data & Computational Sciences, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Rajarshi Guha is currently a Director in Data & Computational Sciences at Vertex Pharmaceuticals. The groups remit is broad, covering method development for small molecule informatics, genomics and image analytics. With over 15 years of experience in handling, analyzing, and visualizing chemical information, he has developed novel algorithms for the analysis and visualization of chemical data types, large scale infrastructure projects (Trans-NIH RNAi screening facility, Pharos, BARD), and worked on small molecule screening programs for rare cancers and infectious diseases.

His research interests focus on techniques to link chemical structure information to molecular, bibliographic, genomic, and clinical covariates to explain the effects of small molecules in the context of larger biological systems. He is also active in the Open Source cheminformatics community as well as the ACS Division of Chemical Information. As part of his community contributions, he is a co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Cheminformatics and sits on the scientific advisory board of Synthia and is a Director of CCDC, Inc.  His work has led to over 140 peer-reviewed publications and more than 30 invited lectures over the last decade. Prior to joining Vertex, he held positions at NCATS NIH and the School of Informatics at Indiana University, Bloomington.


David Martinsen CCDC Inc David Martinsen: Editorial board of Chemistry International, co-chair of IUPAC's subcomittee on cheminformatics data standards

Dr. David Martinsen served at the American Chemical Society (ACS) for over 30 years, prior to retiring in 2016. He worked in various capacities in the Publications Division. Most recently, he was responsible for tracking new technologies and planning for their incorporation into the scholarly publishing environment, and had a specific focus on policies related to publication of research data associated with articles. Prior to joining ACS, David worked for a chemical software/database company, with responsibilities in database curation and in the development and maintenance of online search/retrieval systems for chemical data. He earned a PhD degree in physical chemistry from the University of Minnesota, has served as Chair of the Committee for Printed on Electronic Publications of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), Chair of the ACS CINF Division, and co-Chair of the NISO/NFAIS Supplemental Journal Materials Technical Working Group. He is currently on the Editorial Board of Chemistry International, co-Chair of IUPAC's Subcommittee on Cheminformatics Data Standards, and a member of the Research Data Alliance Chemistry Research Data Interest Group.