James Ellis

James is an exceptional leader of scaling and transforming operations in commercial and not-for-profit scientific organisations.  With deep technical expertise in molecular biology, his experience includes leading high throughput customer-centric product and service operations such as DNA sequencing, molecular diagnostics and compound screening.  Scaling these operations has required the delivery of digital business transformation programmes spanning ERP systems, Quality Management Systems and LIMS.

James understands that for scientific organisations to be effective in the data-age, clarity through process and information control are critical differentiators of value.  At CCDC he works to ensure our data and processes are clean and well characterised, so that AI analytics can drive new insights for our organisation and end users.  The fidelity of these insights will rest on the world leading data standard quality pioneered at CCDC and being developed for our new AI models.

By continuously improving operational excellence at CCDC e.g. higher levels of automation, James and his team are delivering solutions with improved quality and scale to support end users derive key scientific insights.  

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