Suzanna Ward

​Suzanna has an MChem degree from the University of Southampton. During her Masters degree Suzanna got her first taste of crystallography through a project with Professor Mike Hursthouse and a placement at the pharmaceutical company Rhône-Poulenc.

Suzanna then joined the CCDC in 2006 as a Scientific Editor, validating crystal structures into the CSD. Since then she has been involved with work to ensure data is released faster through WebCSD, changing the way data is curated into the database and the development of a new internal system, CSD-Xpedite, used in the creation of the database. These changes have transformed the way the team curate data into the CSD and have ensured the CCDC can keep up with increasing output of the crystallographic community.

In 2013 Suzanna took on the role of Cambridge Structural Database Group manager and is now responsible for team that creates the CSD and manages all the transactions that go on behind the scenes with depositors, authors, publishers, referees and requests for data.  

Google Scholar ID: Suzanna Ward